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Field Rentals

Field Rentals
Seasonal Field Rental Application (Updated 6/2020)
General Field Rental Application (Updated 6/2020)
Insurance Requirements
NNPRT Field Rental Safety Guidelines

Ballfield & Multipurpose Field Fee Structure 

$20 - per hour (no lights)
$25 - per hour (w/ lights)
$50 - Half Day Rental (up to 6 hours, no lights)
$75 - Half Day Rental (up to 6 hours, w/ lights)
$100 - Full Day Rental (no lights)
$125 - Full Day Rental (w/ lights)
$30 - Game Day Set Up

Gym Rentals

Gym Rentals

($25 per hour based on availability) - Contact Athletic Staff at 591-4892
Warwick Recreation Center

NNPRT Athletic Facilities

Baseball/Softball Fields
* facility has lights

Stoney Run Athletic Complex (5 fields)*
Monfalcone Field (Deer Park) - Baseball*
Passage Middle School - Baseball
Courthouse Way Community Center - Baseball*
BC Charles Elementary School - Baseball*
Jenkins Elementary School - Baseball*
Yates Elementary School - Softball*
Gildersleeve Middle School - Baseball*
Hidenwood Elementary School Complex - Baseball/Softball
Riverside Elementary School - Softball*
Huntington Park (2 fields) - Baseball*
Anderson Park - Baseball*
Crittenden Middle School - Softball*
Sedgefield Elementary - Softball*
Hines Middle School - Baseball
Richneck Elementary School - Softball
Dot Rich (Deer Park) - Baseball*
Dutrow Elementary School - Baseball
Nelson Elementary School - Softball
McIntosh Elementary School - Baseball
Deer Park Elementary (4 fields) - Baseball/Softball

Multipurpose Fields
*facility has lights

Passage Middle School - Soccer*
Riverview Farm Park (4 fields) - Soccer
Menchville High School - Soccer
Hines Middle School - Soccer*
Dozier Middle School - Football/Soccer*
Courthouse Way Community Center*
Sanford Elementary School (2 fields) - Soccer*
Jenkins Elementary School - Soccer*
Crittenden Middle School - Rugby*
Doris Miller Community Center - Football
Lee Hall Elementary School - Football