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This page is dedicated to helping young athletes get what they need to be successful. Most listed items can be picked up at your local sporting goods store (Dicks Sporting Goods/ Play It Again Sports). Call us at 757-591-4892 if you have questions. *This page is not our rules. To see specific rules please follow the Youth Sports tab and select your sport and season.*



-Issued NNPRT Basketball Uniform (Provided after Registration)
-Athletic/Gym Shorts (Preferably without Pockets)
-Tennis shoes/basketball shoes (black-soled/ turf shoes and bare feet or sock feet is prohibited)

Field Hockey

-Team jerseys must have a similar body color including number (Jerseys are not provided by NNPRT. Please contact your coach.)
-Legal field hockey stick (Indoor or Outdoor)
-Shin guards

-Protective eye wear that meets ASTM F2713-09 Standard for Field Hockey
-Contrasting jersey
-Helmet covering the entire head
-Mouth guard
-Goalie pads
-Chest protector
-Wraparound throat protector

Additional Information

  • Illegal equipment rule: Casts or splints made of a hard substance in its final form such as leather, rubber, plastic, plaster or fiberglass will not be allowed except for a manufactured knee brace that has not been altered and an Ace bandage with nothing underneath. This is an exception to the US Soccer rules that allow casts or other braces if covered by soft, pliable foam or other substance and accompanied by a medical release. Newport News Youth Soccer does not allow casts, soft or hard, on any part of the body to be worn in games. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

  • NO jewelry may be worn during games at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, hair beads, barrettes, starter earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or any other item worn anywhere on the body. Coaches are advised to follow this policy in practices as well. Using athletic tape or similar material to cover jewelry is not allowed for any reason. Athletic wristbands and headbands made of cloth material may be worn any time. Medical alert necklaces or bracelets may be worn provided they are taped to the body.



-Shin Guards (Sizing Chart is below)
-Issued NNPRT soccer jersey (Provided after registration)
-Matching socks (related to individual players)
-Soccer cleats (baseball/football/hard molded cleats are not allowed) (Tennis shoes are legal)
-Soccer ball (Bantam size 3, Mite size 4, Junior size 4, Intermediate size 4, Senior 5)
Goalies: Contrasting jersey color is required and we recommend goalie gloves


-Shin Guards (Sizing Chart is below)
-Indoor soccer shoes or non-marking tennis shoes
-Issued Indoor NNPRT soccer jersey (Provided after registration)
Contrasting jersey color is required and we recommend goalie gloves

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